CV Guidelines

Send us your resumé for inclusion in our database, even if you are not interested in any of our current vacancies list. We'll constantly check your details against new requirements, and contact you immediately if we find a position that will suit you.

Step 1 - What We Need to Know...

Let us know what you are looking for - include the following information with your CV:-

  • Are you looking for a contract or permanent position?
  • The salary range or rate range you are looking for
  • Are you available immediately; or how much notice do you have to give?
  • Where would you prefer to work; how far are you prepared to travel?

Step 2 - What Our Clients Need to Know...

Your CV should include the following information:-

  • Your main discipline (e.g. structural, mechanical, piping etc.)
  • Any particular skills or experience areas (e.g. offshore, highways, building, petrochemical, public health etc.)
  • Your qualifications, and any relevant memberships of professional associations
  • C.A.D. experience - we need to know the names of the CAD packages you can use, and the level or version you are skilled in (e.g. AutoCAD Release 14)
  • Brief outlines of previous professional experience, including any significant projects you have worked on.You should show companies you have worked for and dates, but keep the details quite concise - your CV should not be too long.

Step 3 - Sending the resumé

You can send us your resumé using this form.

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